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5 Stars

When Randy Farnsworth was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007, he carefully researched all of his options, including one that hadn't been available at the time of his father's diagnosis: a minimally-invasive procedure involving the robotic technology of the da Vinci (R) Surgical System.

The technology was new, but proven. Farnsworth determined that it was the best option for him and was amazed with the results. After undergoing the procedure on a Thursday afternoon and being discharged from the hospital the next day, he felt well enough to go back to work the following Monday. In addition, of the five small incisions made in his abdomen, only one is visible today.

That’s why, both as a patient and as a member of the Thompson Health Board of Directors, Farnsworth is thrilled that the technology is now at Thompson.

"I think the fact that Thompson Health has been able to secure the da Vinci really shows the advances in surgical procedures that can be done in a community hospital," he says. "The convenience of not having to travel to Rochester is a huge benefit to us and the surrounding communities in the Finger Lakes."